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Home Energy Renewable Resources
First Floor, EBS House
25 Hope Street
Lanark ML11 7NE

Office Tel 01555 665755
Ramsay 07845 549 848
Chris 07845 549 850
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Solar panels Scotland ~ Photovoltaic solar panels Glasgow Edinburgh Lanarkshire


Solar panels scotland glasgow edinburghAs a company, Home Energy Renewable Resources is offering clients an opportunity to move forward into the future of Eco-friendly living.

To ensure the best possible Eco-friendly experience for our clients, we continually update our knowledge of both products and current guidelines and the skills required to put this knowledge into practice.

We believe our clients will be completely satisfied with the services we offer and the expertise with which we carry them out.

Renewable Energy Assurance Ltd
Microgeneration Certification Scheme




Photovoltaic solar panels Glasgow ~ Solar energy Scotland Edinburgh Lanarkshire

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